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References and partners of cloud-soft

In our relationships with worldwide clients, governmental and non-governmental organizations, we have successfully delivered, developed and integrated custom software solutions.

We have been involved in partnerships with outsourcing companies to deliver projects for outsides country Germany, Switzerland, USA, United Arab Emirates, Hungary also for Romanian companies.

Furthermore, we have been involved in complex projects with global teams from different locations in Romania, to deliver projects for market regulation customers, flow management applications for governmental organizations, banking and financial services, portals, mobile applications.



The projects developed covering various fields and technologies. Applications for the market regulation, pawnshops, developed in PHP as a Web platform, to banking products and portal applications for flying companies customers design for managing large databases, analyze processes, import/export data, developed in Java and Oracle ADF.
 Cloud Soft team specialists in Java, javascript and IBM technologies, successfully managing projects for international clients in banking. Our collaboration with BPM portfolio covers also the application for energy management and portals.
References_FORTECH„We’ve had a great collaboration experience with CloudSoft. They’ve proven to be a reliable partner by delivering quality code on time, and also by showing their availability to travel onsite when necessary. The communication with their top management has been excellent as they were always very prompt and attentive towards our needs. CloudSoft has gained our confidence that, when it comes to remote work, we are in safe hands. We highly recommend them as a trusty solution partner.” Fortech representatives
  Oracle RAC installation services in the MAE premises in Bucharest. The installation is serving Ex Libris products in the frame of the ‘On Line Library’ project: analysis and environment requirement check, prepare prerequisites document, prepare the server for installation, create database, backup/recovery/redundant tests and documentation.
  We have developed together with the Teamnet teams, modules or components of applications for managing comprehensive processes and products in the field of agriculture. Developed applications are mainly on Java technologies, AngularJS, with integrated GIS components and large data structures for generating complex reports.
 Business intelligence represents the tools and systems that play a key role in the strategic planning process of the bank. We provide different BI reports to allow bank to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making.
  We have developed modules or components of applications for managing comprehensive processes and products, complex reports in the field of agriculture, mainly on Java technologies.
References_BRINEL Our portfolio of  outsourcing cover the e-commerce web applications, e-learning systems and educational management software for universities.  These applications are based on Oracle, Microsoft or Java technologies and tools.
 Our specialists in IBM technologies, have made maintenance and upgrade activities in the Websphere Portal.
 Our specialists in Mobile technologies developed for clients in USA, iPhone apps of a web application that includes graphics and maps.
  We successfully optimized a web application for the client.
 We offer professional Web Services solutions integrated with core banking solutions and data flow management.
References_AROBIS We worked together in outsourcing project, based on Java Web technology, providing dynamism, promptness, professionalism and a very good relationship.
  Support and platform maintenance for the GIS projects developed with different partners using Java technologies, AngulaJS and ArcGIS maps.