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cloud-soft team

Cloud-soft team

CLOUD SOFT is an outsourcing software development company with experience in

refining products, in building and leading a professional team. Our business model and collaboration approach is to build nearshore teams integrated in our clients’ teams and tuned to our clients’ processes. As a business, we have always followed a long term development strategy in making our decisions and actions. We are guided by stability and follow a steady growth model.

The continuity of our business and our partnerships remains the foundation of our values.

CLOUD SOFT = friend and partner

We are there when you need us
We think of and work towards your welfare and happiness
We are happy when you achieve your aspirations

CLOUD SOFT = enables you to achieve remarkable results

Best class skills and competencies on most globally accepted development technologies, environments and platforms
Agile development with heavy emphasis on addressing your needs early in the process

CLOUD SOFT = outsourcing master

We have the right mix of skills, references and experience
We have worked with the most advanced technologies
We have worked with some of the best software houses in Romania and internationally