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Portals, e-Commerce, e-Learning

Portals, e-Commerce, e-LearningWe offer companies and enterprises solution for information portals there are actually many, different types of portals, each one tailored to meet a specific business need.

Web portal provided aggregated content, usually as a series of predefined links along with a search engine, data bases, service applications, their survival is dependent on advertising they must drive large numbers to their site.

E-commerce or e-business portals facilitate the sharing of information to external partners, customers and suppliers. They have a transactional processing component, flow control, provide information on products and services and often include supply chain management features. E-commerce or e-learning portals increase the value of the relationship lowering the costs.

Business portals are likely to cater to the needs of companies looking for information relating to the products, stages, data flow, company efficiency and performance.