Cloud-soft | Leading to success

Cloud-Soft has been involved in projects that required device programming, integration, the creation of a communication model between them and then sending of data in the cloud for statistics and behavior patterns.

Cloud-Soft offers InternetOfThings software development services and will take part in everything that sustains the rapid growth of IoT and shapes this field, from connectivity, hardware programming, data storage and analytics to the privacy and security issues affecting networks, enterprises and individuals.

Custom IoT Software Services
Software engineering from scratch, prototyping, re-engineering and refactoring, application maintenance and support.

Devices Programming
Embedded devices, machine to machine (M2M) communications.

Cloud & Big Data
REST APIs, SDK development and testing, microservices, persistence of high volume data, high-speed data processing and visualization, quick search, reporting engines.

Advanced Analytics
Reporting and alerts, data visualization and ad-hoc analysis.

Mobile Apps Development
Prototyping, development and publishing of native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications.

IoT Complementary Services
Services that range from UX&UI design, to development operations (DevOps) and support operations (customer support, translations or technical documentation).

IoT Areas of Application
Electric Vehicles, Connected Cars, Fleet Management, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing.