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QA and testing

QA and testingThe Cloud Soft aims are to help companies to achieve their business software projects through operational excellence. An important aspect of this is QA and testing. This can provide benefits to companies who are seeking to improve the quality of their production applications.

To achieve these benefits, many organizations select Cloud Soft like an outsourcing partner because we have local and offshore test capabilities as well as a strong online or onsite consultancy presence.

We select the right engagement model to develop the outsourcing plan, using incremental outsourcing or total outsourcing. We may also deploy a small team onsite that works with the client managers and teams and coordinates work with the offshore team that does the bulk of the work.

Team leaders or managers assume the responsibility of training the offshore team on the product, software modules or system to be tested. Cloud Soft QA and testing team provides objective rigor and thoroughness that might be provided by all the parties (client, testing vendor and development vendor) working harmoniously to achieve the right result.

Successful processes work best when there is a trusting communication, reporting escalation, issue resolution and relationship between the vendor and the client.

Intellectual Property protection and Non-disclosure agreements signed with the client are one of the important considerations for customers when outsourcing services to our company.