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Adamo Organizer

Adamo OrganizerAdamo Organizer lets you take a completely different approach to managing your contacts and reminders by combining them into a beautiful dashboard giving you a clear, simple glance of your day.

DASHBOARD Adamo Organizer on iPhone
Adamo Organizer combines various pieces of information into a consolidated view of actions assigned to contacts, reminders due, meetings to follow and people living in the same city as you. From dashboard you can quickly act on whatever is due in your busy day!

With Adamo Organizer you can manage your favorite contacts by grouping them in categories that really make sense to you (Family, Friends, Colleagues and Other). Who needs thousands of contacts if you cannot find them quickly when needed? Tapping contact photo will open the contact card where you can view actions, details, social info and what is awesome is that you can set keywords for the selected contact, that can be used for later searches like “met last summer”, “works at Adamo”, “plays tennis” or any other phrase that relates to that particular contact.

Thousands of applications managing the reminders so why another one? Well, Adamo Organizer lets you assigned actions on a contact RIGHT after you finish a call with that contact because we believe that is the moment when you really need to setup a reminder when using a phone. How many times didn’t you want to setup a reminder like “call in 2 days to follow up” or “send the presentation” or just assign a keyword to that contact in order to remind something about her/him? Well you can do this with Adamo PIM right after finishing the call; everything is then saved for later use.
Moreover, Adamo Organizer allows you to create reminders with media content (photos and/or sounds).

Adamo Organizer will stay in sync with your address book, reminders and calendars allowing you to keep the work that you have to do in one place, therefore increasing your productivity. A very convenient smart search is integrated in the dashboard so that you can search within all contacts details, reminders and actions right from the main screen.


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