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CloudFlowCloudFlow enables you to manage your business` critical documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, marketing and sales materials, as well as technical renderings and manuals. With CloudFlow you have a full version control, ensuring that you always have the right version of the file you need, and full access from anywhere, at any time and it saves you valuable time otherwise wasted in searching for information and recreating misplaced documents, and eliminates mistakes and costs associated with the use of the wrong version.

CloudFlow is a document management system that makes your business’ critical documents smarter and more actionable, enabling your company to work together more effectively. Cloud Flow Management is our proprietary workflow and document management solution which lets users create their own document types through a metadata and workflow definition interface. Workflow actors can also be created, with permissions and roles, at application level.

The design is based on modules and is easily tailored to the customer’s requests and financial concerns. The cloud technologies we use make it hardware independent, the only requirement being an internet connection.

There are multiple benefits of using Cloud Flow Management:

  • Simple + Smart
& powerful, scalable Cloud Document Content Platform
  • Full access control to ensure the security and integrity of important business content.
  • Powerful search to easily locate the right documents being managed.
  • Full version control and commenting to track content changes over time.
  • Allows users to choose how to access their content, via the web, desktop, email, etc. while the server enforces access controls and security
  • Gives your users the tools they need to securely collaborate internally with colleagues and externally with business partners, prospects, customers, consultants and partners with complete control
  • Key business processes, such as approving a contract, or processing invoices for payment require that documents are moved through the organization as efficiently as possible.
  • Use configurable java based BPM engine, to allow companies to model important business processes.
  • Data security
  • Low costs for hardware and maintenance services.
  • Web and mobile access.
  • Business time optimization for data modelling and process flow defining.
  • You pay only for what you need!
  • Adaptability to every type of market business, governmental or nongovernmental organizations