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iArchiveiArchive is an electronic archive system that stores documents or other entities in electronic format in a database, in accordance with certain organizational rules and law regulation, so they can be accessed quickly and safely.

– Saving data in a disorganized manner, including all information, with no informed selection iArchive concept
– Excessive costs of hardcopy or electronic storage

– Risks for disputes/pending or imminent disputes
– Investigations or audit processes
– Extra time allocated to store/localize documents
– Absence of record’s management policies and procedures



  • Modular and scalable system;
  • Possibility to work in a network;
  • Increase in the information access speed;
  • Rapid conversion of hardcopy documents into digital format;
  • Efficient management of millions of documents;
  • Facilitating decision-making by providing relevant information to users, depending on access rights, in real time;
  • The joint set-up and use of the general interest information (nomenclatures, own data bases) becomes an easy task for the user;
  • Integration of all the documents of Your company into one user friendly interface;