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Rax iphone preview

You car has a lot of smart gadgets and a lot of high end technology that you can access only if you are driving or if you are in your car. We drive cars that are smarter than the computers used in the first expedition on the Moon. Computers are much smaller now, but it doesn’t mean that the car is now a pocket device. But how can you use the devices of you car if you are not in your car? Well, it’s much simpler than you think – order a RAX system!

RaxRAX disconnects you from the car but at the same time, it keeps you updated with its actions and documents. RAX brings all this pieces of information on your smartphone and helps you to know more about your car.

RAX gives you important information about your driving style, the last place you have parked your car, detailed information about certain error codes that might appear, and all the car’s documents. RAX connects to your car via the iCONNECT device and it gets information from your on board computer to make you a well informed driver.

RAX helps you to remember your trips and recommends you the most economical driving style possible.

We are humans so we sometimes tend to forget certain details, whether we are tired or busy or absent minded. This could lead to forgetting where you’ve parked your car, but no more of this problem. RAX will remember where you car is and give you directions to come back to it.


Do you travel a lot and have lots on your mind? RAX will help you to manage your car’s documents and will notify you when they’re about to expire so you can renew them in time.

RAX offers you comfort and maximum driving pleasure!

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