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Speed Reading Academy

Speed Reading Academy

Speed Reading Academy is a fun, educational app that helps kids in an interactive and funny way to increase their speed of reading without even realizing it while optimizing the time they spend using the tablet for learning and reading.

Learning approach
Finally, kids have a tool that allows them to read more in the same amount of time. The more they play, the complexity of the words increases with every new level. Without even realizing it, children will be trained to read faster and faster, starting with simple and continuing with more and more complicated words. Children are also encouraged to practice more, being always able to select another character to play with, so the fun never ends!

By doing all these, Speed Reading Academy becomes a tool that encourages children to:

  • Improve their reading skills by eliminating subvocalisation.
  • Train eyes muscles to move faster.
  • Recognise large chunks of words together (“take pictures” and not read letter by letter).

We realize that children nowadays want to spend as much time as possible playing and as little as possible studying (does it sound familiar?) so our team of real life parents came with the idea of combining fun with education. This is why Speed Reading Academy was designed in such a way that your children will have fun while they are improving their reading abilities. By repeatedly playing the game they will unlock elements of the characters.


Speed Reading Academy on iPadUsability
Speed Reading Academy is an easy to use app designed for children 6 to 10 years old.

We recommend an average of 15-30 minutes of play per day for at least 2 weeks in order to see the first results, however we cannot guarantee that your children will not go for “an aggressive approach” in order to unlock all funny monsters, so results might be visible even earlier!

Currently Speed Reading Academy supports English, Italian, Spanish and Romanian with other languages to be added later.