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Infrastructure and performance tools

IT SupportIT Support:

  • Server administration: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Vyatta, FreeBSD, Windows
  • Administration of common Linux server software;
  • Networking: TCP/IP Design, Implementation and Maintenance LAN’s, IP Routing;
  • Configuring VPN: OpenVPN, IPSEC, SSLVPN (Linux and Cisco);
  • Installation and configuration of Cisco products: bgp, sslvpn, ipsec vpn site to site, access-list, vlan, private vlan;
  • Firewalls, Internet Security, VoIP technologies: asterisk + opensips, Identification of network vulnerabilities, Traffic shaping, Sniffing and analyzing network traffic;
  • Virtualization: VMware ESXi, XenServer, Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, FreeBSD jail
  • Network monitoring: Syslog, SNMP, Nagios (+pnp4nagios), Cacti, NetFlow, Dell OpenManage
  • Sniffing and analyzing network traffic using tcpdump, tshark and wireshark
  • Automated backup: rsync, bacula, dirvish



Load testing/unit testing:

  • JMeter, JUnit, Mockito, Load Runner, Hp Loadrunner;
  • Oracle Application Testing Suite,IBM Websphere Performance tester;

Other tools:

  • Issue trackers: Mantis BT, JIRA, TTPro;
  • Version control systems: CVS, SVN, Git, SourceSafe;
  • Continuous integration: Hudson/Jenkins;
  • Code review: Review Board, Stash;
  • Collaboration: Confluence;
  • Performance monitoring: JavaMelody;