Document management solution allows you to manage your business critical documents, such as commercial contracts, proposals, agreements, marketing and sales materials, as well as technical and learning documentation.

With CloudFlow you have complete version control, making sure you always have the correct version of the document you need and that you have access to it from anywhere, anytime. Also, CloudFlow will save you valuable time, which you would otherwise lose by searching for information and recreating documents.

Our CloudFlow document management solution eliminates the mistakes and costs associated with using the wrong version of a commercial contract, for example.

CloudFlow is a document management system that makes your business critical documents smart and alive, allowing your company’s employees to work together more efficiently. With CloudFlow you can allow users to create their own document types through a specific interface for defining metadata and workflows. Users of these workflows can also be created, with different permissions and roles, at application level.

The design is based on modules and is easily tailored to the customer’s requests and financial concerns. The cloud technologies we use make it hardware independent, the only requirement being an internet connection.



  • Scalable and easy-to-use solution, accessible via web and mobile devices.
  • Optimizing working time for defining workflows and business processes.
  • Full access control to ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data content.
  • Simple and fast search for the documents users has to manage.
  • Version control and audit for tracking content changes in time.
  • Provides users with the tools they need to collaborate safely with colleagues and externally with business partners or potential clients.
  • Verifying and signing a contract or processing invoices or any other key process within a company will be done much faster and more efficiently, without additional steps.
  • Low costs for hardware and maintenance services.