ePropiri is an platform specifically designed for the efficient management of bank seizure-related operations. This innovative solution integrates powerful data extraction components from scanned documents using OCR technology, followed by processing, validation, and automatic data transmission within approval workflows, including automatic metadata transmission to specific databases of the banking institution.

Use Cases:

  • Bank Seizure Management: Efficiently handle processes related to bank seizures, optimizing the extraction and transmission of essential data.
  • Approval Process Automation: Automate approval workflows to ensure that processed information is directed to the relevant individuals or departments for validation and approval.
  • Advanced Electronic Archiving: Processed documents are electronically archived within the seizure file, providing a centralized management solution and easy access to information.
  • Management of Various Document Types: Automate processes for a wide variety of documents associated with seizures, including civil, tax, attachments, releases, suspensions, temporary stays, and many more.

Key Features:

    • Efficient Data Extraction: Through OCR technology, the platform enables precise data extraction from scanned documents, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
    • Advanced Automation: ePropiri automates complex data processing, validation, and transmission processes, reducing manual efforts and time spent on these operations.
    • Integration with Banking Databases: The platform ensures automatic transmission of metadata to the bank’s specific databases, maintaining data consistency and accuracy.
    • Holistic Document Management: Processed documents are electronically archived and integrated with the iArchive module, facilitating a comprehensive document management system related to seizures.
    • Maximum Operational Efficiency: Process automation leads to increased efficiency, optimizing resources and reducing human errors.
    • Transparency and Advanced Monitoring: The platform offers powerful monitoring and reporting capabilities, providing a global view of seizure-related activities.
    • Secure Management: ePropiri adheres to banking security standards, ensuring secure handling of sensitive data and documents.
    • Flexibility and Easy Integration: The application allows for customization and the definition of workflows specific to the bank, seamlessly integrating into the existing environment.

    ePropiri represents an advanced and innovative solution for the optimal management of operations related to bank attachments, emphasizing efficiency, automation, and security. It contributes significantly to the improvement of processes and performance within the banking institution.