The transition from traditional software models to the Cloud has been fast over the last 10 years.

Traditional business applications have always been difficult to implement and with high consumption of resources. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them is daunting.

Our experts in RPA technologies allow companies to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up employees’ time for strategic tasks and problem solving.

Cloud Soft team has experience in developing projects for domains that mainly use web applications, stored in the cloud and that use open source technologies focused on different types of equipment. We install, configure, test, run, secure and update business applications companies are using.

We have an experienced team of programmers and business consultants ready to help you enter the new digital age.

Banking and Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services industry stands at the top of change. Companies are faced with several growth opportunities as well as industry-defining challenges.

Cloud Soft has developed a software application designed for processing banking and financial instruments, managing loans, generating highly sophisticated document templates, analyzing data using BI, services and e-Banking.

Cloud Soft has developed for the banking industry an end-to-end process management solution and also an electronic archiving system by incorporating systems such as scanning, OCR, core-banking systems and also integrating the salary deductions management system with the National Agency of Tax Administration.

Our software solution helps users to manage salary deductions by defining any model of deduction or allowance, also being able to order them according to the court order or creditors.

Cloud Soft solutions for Banking and Financial services industry are based on our experience in optimizing current business processes, which will allow companies to enter the digital age:

• Compliance and transparent governance with statutory and regulatory bodies
• Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions
• Scalability and a larger market share through online channels
• Increased process efficiency
• Reduced costs through automation and accelerators
• Enhanced and secure customer experience
• A modernized IT landscape


Robotic Process Automation or RPA

Is a technology based on process automation through software robots or artificial intelligence agents through which human behavior is reproduced at the application interfaces.

The RPA solutions implemented by Cloud Soft have applicability in the banking, financial, retail, telecommunications and various fields in which manual processes could be easily replaced, thus reducing human errors and improving data processing efficiency.

Some of our implementations could resolve issues in invoice processing, transmission and timesheet processing, inventory management, report preparation, data migration from one application to another, and the collection and processing of information from Mail programs.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Reduction of manual effort associated with performing repetitive tasks;
  • Reduction of costs and risks;
  • Reduction of human mistakes;
  • Increasing operational efficiency;
  • Fast implementation time;
  • Permanent monitoring of robots’ activity;
  • Running the robot 24/7/365 or programmed;

Automotive & Manufacturing

Cloud Soft experts collaborate in projects, together with partners, for the development of portal solutions, IoT integration, support applications specific to activities in the automotive or industry field.

Within outsourcing projects we have the necessary experience and the ability to coordinate teams, to provide experts with competencies and to provide dynamic, reliable and dedicated teams.

The experts teams include project managers, analysts, software developers, DevOps and qualified testers to meet the requirements of any client.


Healthcare & Pharma

We have adapted our document management solutions to the medical field by integrating the medical components with the financial-accounting ones in order to process medical documents and include online work facilities

The developed applications cover the entire tracking of an employee’s medical record, from employment at the employer level to the issuance of medical documents and financial statements.

Employers have access to the platform to transmit data to employees, doctors and nurses can complete and collect medical data on-line, the finance department has the financial medical services on real time.

Occupational medicine management solution integrates innovative solutions for using dynamic nomenclatures , for data standardization, meantime to optimize of data entry and processing.

Based on the standardized data, the implemented solutions extract specific reports and adapted to the clients’ requirements.

The platforms work at the level of web servers at the level of the client or in the Cloud, being also offered as a SaaS type service.

Integration with electronic archiving solutions or process automation solutions using Robotic Process Automation allows the solution to be extended with new functionalities.


Retail & Commerce

We offer complete solutions in the financial software development field based on modern RPA process automation technologies, integrated with modern and innovative web technologies.

In order to solve the problems related to the flow of accounting documents, we offer the complete Business Process Order solution, which allows the automation of financial document processing processes from their receipt / reception, to automated processing within financial-accounting applications (SAP, Ciel, SAGA, WinMentor , etc.) until their electronic archiving.

In support of digitization and digitization of processes, solutions for managing document flows provide the client with modules that allow dynamic document definition, creating custom workflows, integration with user structure, use of agents that automate repetitive processes, integration with software robots, notifications and access to online resources.

The solutions implemented to our clients have optimized the invoice processing process, contributed to the improvement and automation of administrative processes, reduced the number of errors generated by data processing by human operators, streamlined human resources, improved information exchange performance with public authorities (ANAF)