We have adapted our document management solutions to the medical field by integrating the medical components with the financial-accounting ones in order to process medical documents and include online work facilities.

Employers have access to the platform to transmit data to employees, doctors and nurses can complete and collect medical data in the field, the finance department has the financial situation of medical services in real time. Occupational medicine management solution integrates innovative solutions for using dynamic nomenclatures, data standardization, meant to reduce the time of data entry and processing, as well as the standardization of processes. Based on standardized data, the implemented solutions extract specific reports adapted to the clients’ requirements.

We offer solution on premise, the platforms installed on web servers at the client site or in the Cloud. The solution is offered as a SaaS type service.

Integration with electronic archiving solution or robotic process automation solutions, using Uipath, allows the solution to be extended with new functionalities.