Solution to manage all activities regarding occupational medicine at the level of individual clinics or medical offices, which provide these services individually or in contractual framework with beneficiary companies.



  • Solution keeps online records of the employees, of the professional routes and of the medical documents both at the level of the provider of work medicine services and at the level of the HR departments of the beneficiary companies;
  • Solution complete the risk factors records;
  • Solution save records and schedule regular clinical exams;
  • Solution archive the medical file of each employee with the history of medical records and periodic medical examination records;
  • Cost management for medical examinations and for each medical analysis performed, at patient level or beneficiary company level.



  • Solution offers cloud-level access for users in medical offices, beneficiary companies and patients, using security systems and restrictions depending on their access rights;
  • Solution allows users to define their categories, typologies, product and service names in a unique way;
  • Users can create nomenclatures with custom structure and hierarchical typologies;
  • Fast selection for the options to use;
  • Document level integration;
  • Synthetic and dynamic reports;
  • Versioning and history of data usage.