Cloud Soft encourages and supports all training activities for employees and for students or candidates.

Training activities contain practical workshops, technical sessions and tests on a variety of new technology topics. We also support the costs for our employers to achieve certified courses.

Student Internship and practice, providing for interns real work assignments to ensuring the program’s success. Interns should be doing work related to their major technology abilities, that is challenging, that is recognized by the organization as valuable and that fills the entire work term.

The training coordinators are focused on the projects and assure support for all involved candidates. It’s very important that everyone “be on the same page”, making this happen by holding an orientation project for managers and mentors, as well as a work session for students.

During the training or the self training period we offer flex-time and/or other unusual work arrangements to employees or students to encourage team involvement and individual performance.

We invite career center staff and faculty to visit interns on site, bring in specialists speakers from our company’s executive ranks, to encourage outside classes.