Software Robots

Designed to automate a wide range of repetitive tasks, software robots interpret, trigger responses and co-communicate with other systems, just like humans, substantially better:

• a robot never sleeps
• makes zero mistakes
• costs, in the long run, much less than an employee

Business profitability 

Software robots are easy to train and integrate seamlessly into any system.

Report progress, so you can increase even more by using operational predictability, business productivity, while improving strategy.

Perform a large number of operations in parallel, from desktop to Cloud. They allow multiple users to monitor and control software robots from multiple locations around the world from a single secure device.

A software robot can replace and exceed three workers. In less than 12 months, most companies already have a positive return on investment. In addition, potential subsequent reductions in accrued costs can reach 20% over time.

Robots domains

-Automation of the processes of the human resources departments
-Automation of logistics operating processes
-Automation of processes for financial operations
-Automation of processes for inventory and stocks
-Automation of data transfer processes between different software systems
-Automation of operating processes of ERP, CRM, SAP systems, financial-accounting applications, administrative applications


We develop robots with the latest RPA technologies from UiPath as a silver partner.