Cluj IT Cluster

”In August 2015, Cloud Soft from Alba-Iulia became a member of Cluj IT Cluster. The company specializes in software development, outsourcing, consulting and IT support.

We welcome and thank them for their interest and involvement in achieving the goals and projects Cluj IT Cluster. ” Executive Representative, Cluj IT Cluster

Outsourcing Partners


Soft Cloud teams of specialists working in mixed teams to implement international outsourcing projects in the automotive, IoT and portal


International projects are implemented by joint teams of developers with experience in Java technologies for customers in production.

Arobs Transilvania Software

Cloud Soft developers deliver together with our partner solutions in the field of transport and manufacturing


Cloud Soft specialists develop in partnership web solutions in the field of commerce and banking solutions based on Oracle technologies

BPM Wave

The modeling of business processes in the banking field is done with the contribution of our teams for important banks in Meadle East

Projects Partners


Data integration solutions using Oracle Data Integration, applied in the banking field


Library management solutions are integrated with CloudFlow and iArchive solutions


Experts Cloud Software provides support and software development for clients in banking


Implementing document management solutions

Depozitul Arhivele Transilvania

Partners in the mutual promotion of products and services to end customers


Development of specialized modules on document flows


We promote and develop RPA solutions for clients in the Nordic countries


Partner in building RPA solutions developed using the UiPath platform


Beneficiary of RPA solutions developed using the UiPath platform

Educational Partners

1 Decembrie University” Alba Iulia

By collaborating with academia, Cloud Soft contributes to the preparation of graduates for the labor market and offers internships or internships for students, as well as collaboration in research projects.