The document management system implemented within an international NGO allowed the transfer of over 80% of the activity in the digital environment.

Through the Cloud Flow platform, document typologies have been defined, with specific metadata and attached files, which are initiated, transmitted, approved and updated within the dynamic flows defined by the client.

The platform solves the problem of requests for leave, decisions, salary advance and delegations, monitors the implementation of projects and tasks within the organization, allows the management of processes and documents developed in meetings, commissions, workgroups. All this within an organizational structure defined by user groups, roles and access permissions.

By using data based on typologies and categories, defined in nomenclatures, the application provides a dashboard management interface, real time provided, which can track the status of tasks and projects, calendar planning, actions on flows of documents, current activities with their degree of achievement.

Statistical data are presented in graphic format through illustrative diagrams and synthetic reports.