RPA solutions implemented by Cloud Soft at Telekom Romania solve issues like:

  • ¬†Electronic employees time tracking process

Timecard information that is unavailable from reports is sent by employees via e-mail (Excel attachments), being collected and validated by the RPA robot.

  • Generating reports and introducing reports in the Time and Workforce application is automated.

The UiPath robot has taken over the process of creating time-sheets, inserting them into the ERP and tracking their status in the ERP.

  • Fixed assets management process

The UiPath robot takes the appropriate requests through the application and emails or from the FTP location automatically, efficiently, in a much shorter time than an employee would do.

  • Stocks management process

The UiPath robot will provide the information of the authorized persons at different times: the stock holder will receive a daily report on the codes of the traded items and the related quantities; monitoring the time during which the stock is in transit / transfer, and in case of delay at reception, the RPA robot will alert the persons involved in the flow. To complete the data in the report, the RPA robot will connect to Stocks Inventory and SAP to export the required reports and process the data.

  • Obtaining billing details process

The UiPath robot takes the appropriate requests from the emails received from authorized persons to access the information. The flow chart will be created with the users who have access to this information. This list will be published on an intranet address and will contain the full name of the companies whose employees have access to the information provided by the RPA robot. Afterwards, the robot will collect and process the requested information and transmit it to the applicant.

  • Invoice processing

RPA robot will read emails containing specified keywords from the Inbox folder and download the attachments that are in .pdf format to a specified location. The RPA robot will then obtain the necessary information from .pdf files and place it in a specified Excel file. The information in the Excel file must be in a specific format. After completing these activities, the RPA robot completes the data from the financial application and sends messages to a specified e-mail address to confirm the invoice processing.

  • Data procesing in SAP, CRM and internal applications


  • Fast and easy to calculate R.O.I.
  • Higher standardization of business processes.
  • Easy integration with the client’s software applications.
  • Re-assign employees in more creative, efficient tasks.
  • Faster processing time of repetitive tasks.
  • Runs 24/7/365/ if scheduled