The occupational medicine management activity within the clinic where the iCloudMed solution was implemented carried out the activities by keeping paper documents, excel centralizers and financial statements using an application generally intended for medical clinics.

The implemented solution allows to digitize of the entire workflow using software platform. Employers register within the employee platform, with personal data, professional route, risk factors sheet and scheduled plans for the employee for the medical visit.

The clinic currently has all the necessary data to take over the employee, perform the medical examination and enter the resulting data.

The activity can be carried out regardless of the location, the application allows online work, all medical results being completed directly in the platform.

In order to help the operators, the application uses dynamic nomenclatures, defined by the user, through which it can introduce typologies of diseases, treatments, observations, without the need to introduce them every time.

The standardization of information allows the extraction of synthetic medical and financial reports on diseases, patients, contracts, rates, etc.

The platform allows secure access to information to all actors involved, namely the medical area, the financial area and the area of ​​employers who can view in real time the results of clinical examinations for their own employees and can accurately track their dates.