We offer complete solutions in the financial field based on modern RPA process automation technologies, integrated with innovative web technologies.

In order to solve the problems related to the flow of accounting documents, we offer the complete Business Process Order solution, which allows the automation of financial document processing starting with their receipt/reception to automation data procesing within the financial-accounting applications (SAP, Ciel, SAGA, etc.) until their electronic archiving.

In support of digitization of processes, solutions for managing document flows provide the client different modules that allow dynamic document definition, creating custom workflows, integration with user structure, use of agents that automate repetitive processes, integration with software robots, notifications and access to online resources.

The solutions implemented to our clients have optimized the invoice processing process, contributed to the improvement and automation of administrative processes, reduced the number of errors generated by the human operators data processing, streamlined human resources, improved information exchange performance with public authorities (ANAF).