Electronic archive system that stores documents or other entities in electronic format in a database, in accordance with certain organizational rules and law regulation, so they can be accessed quickly and safely.

Problems for a company that has not implemented an electronic archive solution:

  • Saving data in a disorganized way, including all information, without an informed selection;
  • Excessive costs for electronic copy or storage;
  • Risks for litigation or audit processes;
  • Extra time and space dedicated for storing and locating documents;
  • Lack of records management policies and procedures.



  • Modular and scalable system;
  • The possibility of working in a network;
  • Increased speed of access to information;
  • Quick conversion of documents into digital format;
  • Efficient management of millions of documents;
  • Facilitate decision making by providing relevant information for users, according to access rights, in real time;
  • Configuring and sharing information of general interest (nomenclature, own databases);
  • Integration of all company documents into a single friendly interface.