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Cloud Soft is a Romanian software company offering Outsourcing and Custom Software Application Development Services addressed to your individual needs to help you overcome the gaps in your existing software and to derive competitive edge from custom software applications centered on your business strategy.

The Romanian IT outsourcing industry is growing ahead of the rest of the economy and software development teams are internationally recognized. With the best partners for software development expanding along major cities, Cloud Soft headquarters are established in the central, university, touristic and attractive location of Alba Iulia. The IT business is attracting foreign investors and is experiencing a wave of acquisitions of local companies by foreign investors.

By including Cloud Soft on their software outsourcing list, Romanian and foreign companies finally managed to bring together successfully cost saving management with high quality IT services and modern work procedures. The high quality of the services we offer has become an essential parameter in our company offshoring and buyers are now looking beyond labor arbitrage. Romania’s well-educated and multilingual labor pool, competitive property costs, time zone and infrastructural advantages easily make it Eastern Europe’s top partners in software development. Cloud-soft is nearshore offshore outsourcing java software web development business company located in Romania.

Cloud Soft is a strong and competitive business team. Let us help you with your business.